Less Than Half of Waltham Runners Reported Finishing Marathon

See which Waltham runners reported finishing the Boston Marathon before the race was cancelled the wake of two bomb explosions.

Twelve Waltham of the 45 residents who entered the Boston Marathon reported finishing the race before two bombs exploded along the finish line in Boston, according to thee Boston Athletic Association. 

Two people were killed while more than 90 were injured in the bombing that occourred at round 2:50 p.m. near the finish line on Boylston Street. The bombs exploded around 4 hours into the race. The race was later cancelled.

Out of the 45 individual Waltham runners, eight did not cross the the halfway point, according to the BAA website. 

  • Amanda Aborn
  • Beth Adams
  • Cindy Aiena
  • Daniel Arone: 3:30:35
  • Tony Bongiorno
  • Peter Borgmann
  • John Caruso
  • Sally Coleman
  • Patrick Cooke
  • Richelle Embree
  • Jesus Fuerte: 3:37:16 
  • Domenico Gallinelli: 3:52:44
  • Pamela Gervais
  • Lynn Haggis Markowitz: 3:22:29
  • Mark Hagopian: 3:20:06
  • Deirdre Hatfield
  • William Howe
  • Christine Hunt
  • Adam Hurst: 3:42:40
  • Andrew Jacobs: 3:52:42
  • Marissa Jenkins
  • Christopher Johnson: 2:50:39
  • Lisa Kaplan
  • Corey Kazak: 3:25:57
  • Janine Lane
  • Karen Lawn
  • Randall LeBlanc
  • Denise Loranger
  • Gwendolyn Madden
  • Heather McKinnon
  • Patrick McVeigh: 3:20:20
  • Patricia O’Connell
  • Kenneth Pellegrini
  • Casey Pratt
  • Anne Ramsay
  • Gaurav Rohatgi
  • Lisa Sampson
  • Karen Schneider
  • Carey Sclafani
  • Richard Sturges: 3:32:42 
  • Mary Sylvanowicz
  • Steven Tashjian
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Sadik Tokgoz: 2:45:53
  • Judith Zuckerman
Peter Ryan` April 16, 2013 at 12:16 AM
Why is this important? I have the deepest sympathy for everyone effected by todays tragic event. In no comparison but in a sad addition to the injured, these waltham people ran some length very very close to a marathon without getting the satisfaction of finishing. This whole thing is horrible. I'm sorry for all.
NWBL April 16, 2013 at 01:55 AM
Well said, I agree.


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