Waltham Student Spotlight: Taylor Scafidi

Waltham High School student excels on the athletic field.

Editor’s Note: This is the first in an ongoing series of profiles featuring Waltham students. Enjoy!


  • Name: Taylor Scafidi
  • Age/Class: 14, freshman at Waltham High School
  • Things you may recognize her from: Scafidi played three varsity sports during this school year — ice hockey, field hockey and softball. She made the Dual-County All-Star Team for softball. “That was pretty cool,” Scafidi said of being on the all-star team.
  • How has her freshman year at Waltham High School been: “It was a big step,” Scafidi said. “I had to focus more and the [school] work was harder.” Scafidi also said playing on sports teams made her freshman year more enjoyable.
  • What struggles has Scafidi faced in her new school this year: “I would struggle with science,” she said. “I have trouble focusing on a lot of things at once.”
  • How has Scafidi overcome those challenges?: Scafidi said she taken several steps to help her concentrate and organize, such as disconnecting from her cell phone and using binders and folders. She also tries to take occasionally take breaks for her sports routine.
  • What is Scafidi most looking forward to in her sophomore year?: “I’m looking forward to the new classes I have to take,” Scafidi said, mentioning the stage class she has enrolled in.
  • When Scafidi is in not in school, she enjoys…: Relaxing with friends and playing in non-school sports leagues. “I’m either playing a sport or with my friends,” Scafidi said.
  • Scafidi excels at…: Sports! Scafidi is a talented athlete that has enjoyed playing on her three teams this year. She, however, has particularly enjoyed playing field hockey, which she just picked up this year.  “I didn’t think I was going to like it,” Scafidi said. “It kind of came natural to me.”
  • While she is still young, Scafidi is already thinking about future careers: She said she is considering a career as a teacher, nutritionist or athletic trainer. “I have to be healthy. Its something that I’m interested in,” Scafidi said of possibly becoming a nutritionist or trainer. “I actually enjoy English, so I would want to teach it someday.”
  • What does Scafidi enjoy about Waltham?: The young student said she loves going out to Waltham restaurants with her family, which she said they do frequently. “Being social is definitely up there for me,” Scafidi said.


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