Waltham Student Spotlight: Catherine Gilsig

Waltham High School student excels on the dance floor.

Editor's Note: This is the second in an ongoing series profiling outstanding Waltham High School students.


  • Name: Catherine Gilsig
  • Age/Class: 15, sophomore at Waltham High School
  • Things you may recognize her from: Gilsig is an accomplished ballroom dancer who has competed in several competitions.
  • Why does Gilsig enjoy ballroom dancing?: “I always like to do something creative. You just get lost in it,” Gilsig said.
  • How did Gilsig become interested in dancing?: Gilsig did ballet for nine years and wanted to compete in ballet contests, but could not find any, so she took up ballroom dancing and started competing. Watching Dancing With the Stars also heightened her passion for ballroom dancing. Now, she wants to turn her passion into a career.
  • What challenges does Gilsig face on the dance floor?: “You have to get past stage fright,” Gilsig said referring to her initial fears of performing in front of audiences. “You also have to work very, very hard.”
  • What’s Gilsig’s favorite part about ballroom dancing?: Gilsig said she loves immersing herself in the sport, performing different moves.
  • When Gilsig is not on the dance floor she enjoys…: “I like to travel around and see places,” she said. Gilsig said she also enjoy reading science-fiction books. “When I get into a [sci-fi] series, you can’t separate me.”
  • What does Gilsig enjoy about Waltham?: Gilsig said she loves going out to eat at the city’s many different restaurants, especially the ones that serve ethnic food. “I definitely love the cultural food."
  • What Gilsig is most looking forward to about the coming school year?: She said she is hoping to participate in more competitions and going to a national contest in Florida. She is also excited about joining new clubs and participating in dance theater productions at school. “I love the performing arts at the school.”
DeeDee Walsh August 16, 2011 at 11:55 AM
I love hearing about young students involved with an activity that they not only love, but have a passion for it. Sometimes we hear about these type of kids from other citys or states. It's nice to hear about someone with such great talent right in our own backyard. Keep up the great work, Catherine! Looking forward to seeing you in future productions and competitions.
Sarah Parrott August 16, 2011 at 01:46 PM
You go, gurl! Keep practicing hard for Nationals!


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