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7 Things You May Have Missed in State Report on Waltham Schools

Look here for some interesting tidbits on the state's report on the Waltham Public Schools.

While much reporting has already been done on the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education report on the Waltham Public Schools system, it contains a lot of other interesting tidbits, which we have highlighted below.

DISCLAIMER: The report is based on data and information collected in February. Since then, some of the issues in it have been addressed. 

  • TEACHER PAY: The average salary of a Waltham teacher was $69,421 in 2012 compared to the state average of $68,781. The Waltham average has dropped a little according to recent data. Replacement of retiring teachers may be on factor in the drop.
  • STUDENT – TEACHER RATIO: Waltham’s student-to-teacher ratio in 2010 was 11.2 to 1 compared to the state average of 13.7 to 1.
  • TEACHER ABSENCES: “Teacher absences from classes are comparatively high at an average of 15 days per year per teacher, including all reasons for absences such as sick days, long-term medical leaves and professional development days.”
  • RETIREMENT COSTS: Waltham’s per pupil costs for 2010-2011 for insurance and retirement programs was $5,332.20 compared to the state average of $2,296.44.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS: Waltham spends 73 percent more on administrative costs per pupil than the statewide average.
  • HOMELESS STUDENTS: The district has taken in 85 additional homeless students since the January, partly from the state placing them in hotels in Waltham.
  • DEMOGRAPHICS: Low-income and homeless students now comprise of 40 percent of the district’s students. 


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