Parking Ban Has Ended

The on-street parking ban has been lifted as of Wednesday morning.

After five nights, the winter on-street parking ban has been lifted.

The announcement was made on Wednesday morning by the Danvers Department of Public Works.

"Because of nearly 100 percent compliance with the ban, the DPW was able to keep up with this record storm, keeping all roads open during the blizzard and facilitating cleanup," said Gail Bernard, program coordinator for the Department of Public Works. "Thank you for your cooperation."

The ban ran from 1-6 a.m. each morning and last for five mornings. The DPW had said it would announce when it had ended.

It was the second time that the ban had been put in place since the Board of Selectmen voted in early December to move from an winterlong on-street parking ban to a ban that is imposed only when needed.

In the most recent case, the ban started early Saturday morning, as the storm was really getting going and lasted through Wednesday morning.


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