MBTA Chief: No Service Cuts, Fare Hikes In Near Future

The MBTA's new chief is hoping lawmakers find new revenue sources for the transit agency.

The MBTA's new general manager says she is waiting on lawmakers to decide on potential future revenue sources, including tax increases, before pursuing fare hikes or service cuts, according to the Boston Globe. 

New MBTA Manager Beverly Scott told the Globe she wants the state Legislature to find new revenue sources over the next two months. Scott projected the MBTA's budget deficit for 2013 at $132 million. 

Scott made the fare hike comments as the MBTA revealed its ridership figures have recently increased despite recent fare hikes and service cuts, according to the Globe. The jump means more cash for the transit agency but not enough to fill its deficit. 

Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to submit a detailed coument on the funding challenges facing the MBTA, according to the Globe. 


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