LETTER: Mike Barrett A Good Choice for Waltham

See why one Waltham residents supports Mike Barrett for state senator.

The following is a letter to the editor from a Waltham resident:

Waltham’s Democratic Primary race for state senate is over, and Mike Barrett emerged the winner!  Mike’s winning campaign was grassroots, door-to-door with many volunteer supporters and based on clear, thoughtful, and independent positions.  Barrett drew upon support from legions of ordinary citizens. He couldn’t have done it without the tremendous grassroots help he got throughout the district, but especially from Waltham. In both campaign work and from individual financial donations, we elected a candidate who steadfastly refuses PAC and lobbyist dollars, and despite that, won. But the fight is not over and Mike still needs our support – volunteering and making donations.

Mike faces a familiar Republican opponent in the November election – Sandi Martinez.  Sandi takes PAC and lobbyist money, and, as a Tea Party candidate, is drawing attention from out-of-state political operatives. Sandi has shown election cycle after election cycle that she does not share our values and will not represent us in the legislature. I have heard Sandi speak many times, and she is against some very basic precepts that we hold dear. There are only a few short weeks until the Nov. 6 election. We need to work together campaigning because Mike needs our help. If we all pitch in for Mike Barrett, Waltham will have a State Senator who, because of his past experience in the Legislature, will be ready to start working for our great City on day one.

For more information on Mike Barrett, his positions, the campaign and how to help, go to his website, www.barrettforstatesenate.org

Kelly A. Durkee-Erwin, Chair

Third Middlesex Area Democrats

Hank from Bedford September 27, 2012 at 08:53 PM
By all means, folks.... Don't let yourself be fooled! Check out "progressive" candidate Mike Barrett's positions on a host of issues before even thinking that his votes ion the Massachusetts Senate might be in accord with your own... On the other hand, Sandi can be trusted to be in line with the REAL mainstream in our good-old U.S. of A. Hank from Bedford
CradleOfLiberty September 28, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Barrett is exactly what we don't need on Beacon Hill. We have enough "progressives" spending our money. Bring balance to Beacon Hill! Vote Sandi Martinez. She believes in Voter ID, no new taxes, transparency and fighting corruption.
Bill Nimee September 29, 2012 at 09:41 PM
Mike Barrett, in his own words, shows to be another tax and spend liberal. Sandi Martinez has consistently stood for reduced taxes and spending, which is sorely needed in our Commonwealth. Heaven knows we already have a prolific legislature of spenders. Let's give our overtaxed citizens a chance. Let's vote for Sandi Martinez.


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