LETTER: Goodwin Will Fight For Waltham

Joe Kearns Goodwin is running for the 3rd Middlesex State Senate seat.

The following is a letter to the editor from State Representatives John Lawn, D- Waltham and Thomas Stanley, D-Waltham.

It is a privilege and an honor to represent the City of Waltham as your State Representatives.

Waltham is a beautiful city, rich in culture and diversity unlike any other in the Commonwealth. We are blessed to serve it, and we are thankful for our years of productive collaboration with Senator Susan Fargo, who will be retiring this year. We write to you today to urge you to join us in supporting Joe Kearns Goodwin as the Democratic candidate to fill her seat. Joe is the partner we need in the State Senate to stand up and fight for the neighborhoods that we call home.

As a Captain in the U.S. Army who was awarded the bronze star for his exemplary performance and as a leader in the private sector developing clean energy solutions, Joe has consistently delivered in situations in which failure is not an option. He has the experience and values to fight passionately everyday for our community. Joe is the only candidate that we believe can help us fight for you at the State House and build a better Waltham.

At a time when special interests dominate the conversation on so many issues that impact our lives, Waltham needs a senator who will stand up for the working families that make up the backbone of our city. Waltham needs a senator who will advocate for our interests—whether it’s equitable allocation of the Fernald site, fixing the MBTA or implementing tax fairness.

Most of all, Waltham needs a Senator who isn't afraid to take on Beacon Hill, and who will answer only to his constituents. Joe Kearns Goodwin will be that Senator.  That’s why we are proud to endorse him and urge you to cast your vote for him on Thursday, Sept. 6.

State Representative Tom Stanley

State Representative John Lawn


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