Katherine Clark Sworn in as Congresswoman

Melrose resident and Democrat Katherine Clark was sworn in Thursday as a member of the Mass. Congressional Delegation.

Katherine Clark after winning a seat in Congress Tuesday night in Stoneham. Credit: Mark Ouellette
Katherine Clark after winning a seat in Congress Tuesday night in Stoneham. Credit: Mark Ouellette
Melrose resident and Democrat Katherine Clark was sworn in Thursday as a member of the Mass. Congressional Delegation, according to a press statement.

From the floor of the House, Clark vowed to stand with the middle class families of the 5th Congressional District, according to the statement. Clark defeated Republican challenger Frank Addivinola Jr. in the race for Congress on Tuesday.

"The Massachusetts Fifth, from Revere to Cambridge, Waltham to Framingham, is home to some of this country’s and the world’s most respected universities and innovative companies," Clark said in the statement. "We are deeply proud of these incredible institutions. But what defines the Fifth District is its families."

Clark continued, saying, "As I talked with families around their kitchen tables, I found they are just like mine, and I’m sure, just like yours. We are teachers, small business owners, CEOs and machinists. We work in stockrooms and board rooms. We are recent immigrants and descendants from early American settlers. We are of all political ideologies, and yes, deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation, we even have a few Yankees fans."

Clark was introduced to the House by the dean of the Mass. Delegation Congressman Richard Neal. Malden native and Sen. Edward Markey, whose former seat she now occupies, also joined her in the chamber.

“Senator Markey, you set a standard of excellence during your time in the House," Clark said in the statement. "I look forward to carrying on your work for the people of our district and partnering with you and the entire Massachusetts delegation to move Massachusetts and our country forward.” 

The Congresswoman will now serve out the remainder of the term through 2014, according to the statement. Clark officially resigned her Massachusetts State Senate effective Wednesday, Dec. 12, the statement adds.
Walthamguy December 15, 2013 at 09:04 PM
The record is clear, Katherine Clark will be representing the union members that got her elected, but not the rest of us!
osende monteiro December 16, 2013 at 08:37 AM
More corruption coming right up. Its obvious shes a political whore,just as Markey Etc etc... same side of the coin. She believes in Obamacare, as an ELECTED PUBLIC servant its sad and frankly disgusting that she didn't take anytime to READ Obamacare, Common Core Curriculum,or new studies on health and privacy concerning smart utility meters. It's bad enough that WalthamTribune,Patch Bostob Globe Boston Herald Patriot Ledger and other news publications ate flat out avoiding providing people with real informative information. So in response to a gentlemen that wanted to dismiss me because of my voice to text grammatical or punctual errors.. i say to him its the message if you would like i can show you my briefs and affidavits filed on the public record. So absolutely positively unequivocally if you support common core curriculum, smart grid agenda, Obamacare all.k.a Agenda 21, it's either you didnr read a bleepin thing so you are going along to get along so shame on you. Or you are a Socialist Communist Eugenics Freak that should be locked up . ATTENTION Any person with reading comprehension skills, i implore you to actually read Obamacare rather than your novel, read about the dangers of RF Radiation radiofrequency radiation emitted from smart meters and technology Harvrd Studies folks, or somply read which is her JOB. Understand,if you read through All i have stated,you will know, that these people who got us into this crap back in 1992 Rio Earth Summit Brazil ie H.Dubya Bush, them Clinton Then Dubya now Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, on record opposite sides of the same coin, when will we all connect the dots and stop electing Oath breaking social communistic eugenics Freaks... oh yea for emphasis its ALL ON THE PUBLIC RECORD, Now who wants to dispute facts...hello hello
JohnnyMass December 16, 2013 at 10:27 AM
If you're not a Democrat in these parts, your opinion isn't worth crap. Fools around here still believe that today's Democratic party is the same one which FDR and JFK came from, when all it really is today is the party of higher taxes, wasteful spending, unchecked illegal immigration, welfare fraud, and Obamacare, which will destroy what was left of private health care in the USA!


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