Feedback from MBTA Meetings Analyzed, Lots of Opposition to Cuts

The MBTA is processing the feedback from its two proposals, and support for the two proposals looks to be low.

For people who attended the various meetings about the MBTA service proposals, it may come as no surprise that their service cuts and fare hikes seem to be unpopular

Now, however, after an MBTA analysis of the feedback, the outlook for either scenario doesnt look good. Out of over 5,700 e-mails, 400 letters, and more than 1,800 comments from its series of public hearings, a majority of the feedback was in opposition to the cuts. 

With only 48 percent of the comments received categorized, only nine supported the first scenario, and 21 recommended fare increases. Roughly 40 of the e-mails and letters supported the service cuts in plan two. 

The full figures are available in the PDF to the right. 


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