ELECTION 2011: Thomas Stanley

Councillor-At-Large Thomas Stanley is seeking reelection.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following are responses from Councillor-At-Large Thomas Stanley, who is seeking reelection in the Tuesday, Nov. 8 general city election.  The questions were posed by Waltham Patch and have only been edited for clarity and readability. See our other election coverage.


Current Employment:

State Representative, 9th Middlesex District. Jan. 3, 2001 – Present

Professional Background:

I received my Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University School of Management; a Bachelor of Science in Management from Bentley University and Associate Degree in Business Administration from Mass Bay Community College.

Locally, I have served as Councillor-at-Large for 12 years. He has served as Council President and has been a member of most Council committees including Finance and the Long-Term Debt Committee, which I have chaired on several occasions.

I have served as a state representative for 10 years and I am currently serving on the House Ways & Means Committee, the House Post Audit & Oversight Committee and the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee.

Currently, I am a member of the Lions Club and serve on the Waltham Partnership for Youth, Warrendale Little League Board, Waltham Family School Advisory Board, Save Schools Healthy Students Initiative and the Waltham Community Day Center and REACH Beyond Domestic Violence Board as an advisor. Other civic involvement has included serving on the Waltham Public Library Planning Committee, the Reagle Players Board and various youth sports programs as a coach such as the Waltham Police Athletic League, Waltham Youth Basketball Association, Waltham Youth Soccer, Little Nippers Baseball League and Warrendale Little League.

Why are you running for City Council?

Waltham is a vibrant city with many challenges, and it is important to elect officials that are dedicated to the community, listen to the public, identify needs and work cooperatively to provide solutions. 

I have demonstrated my ability to reduce costs be a leader in supporting our schools and protecting our environment and community. A few examples of this are leading the effort to reduce utility costs by a million dollars, to upgrade our athletic facilities, protecting open space and creating the Fernald Reuse Committee.

My educational background, state and local government experience and dedication to Waltham qualify me to make decisions on behalf of residents. I understand Waltham’s burdens and have proven my ability to deliver efficient services while practicing fiscal restraint.

As a lifelong resident and active community member, I know that Waltham is a great city and I feel fortunate to raise my family here. As a homeowner and father with children in public schools, I understand the burdens of Waltham’s families, and the need to deliver quality services while practicing fiscal restraint. That’s why I strive to keep taxes low, but still provide excellent municipal services, support our public schools, protect our environment and encourage responsible development.

How are your skills useful for representing constituents?

Cities and towns across the country are faced with making difficult decisions. The economy has left many unemployed, and has wreaked havoc on municipal revenue streams while demand for government services continues to increase. Constituents need elected officials that can identify community needs, make sound decisions and navigate the state and local government bureaucracy on their behalf.

Having received a Masters in Public Administration from Suffolk University School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Management from Bentley University, I have a solid educational foundation from which to draw.

In my roles as a father, homeowner, coach and engaged community activist, I have a unique understanding of the community, its needs and priorities. This enables me to represent the diversified residency within Waltham.

Through my extended career in public service in state and local government, I have gained a strong knowledge base and developed relationships with city and state administrators to benefit Waltham and its constituents. This has enabled me to build coalitions and develop solutions to community and constituent problems. 

My educational background, community involvement, and state and local government experience make me uniquely qualified to assist constituents with their needs and leading Waltham to a more prosperous future.

If elected, what issues would be your biggest priority and why?

As a City Councillor, State Representative, and creator of the Fernald Reuse Committee, a top priority for me is to ensure that Waltham’s vision for the Fernald property is realized. This means fighting to prevent other stakeholders from prevailing during the Council and legislative process to enact the reuse plan.

During these austere times, it is important to ensure that city government delivers efficient municipal services while practicing fiscal restraint. This challenge includes providing safe roads, support for public schools, funding for senior programs, and maintaining strong police and fire departments while keeping taxes low. We must continue to find innovative ways to reduce costs where possible, while maintaining the quality of services Waltham residents deserve.

Why should you be re-elected if you have already had several years in office?

Throughout my years in office, I have strived to represent my neighbors and city to the best of my ability. I have used my education, community involvement and government experience to identify community needs and set priorities. During these difficult times, while private and public entities nationwide have faltered, Waltham has persevered. My service on the City Council and decision making has played a role in Waltham’s success. This type of public service is exactly what Waltham deserves.


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