Congressional Hopeful Jeff Semon Launches Spanish Language Site

A Lexington Republican seeking to unseat Democrat Ed Markey in the 5th District, Jeff Semon says "common sense knows no language or ethnic barrier," in announcing the launch of jeffen2012.com

During any  campaign season, candidates choose their words wisely.

And , a congressional candidate in Massachusetts' Fifth District, hopes one letter can make a lot of difference as he attempts to unseat Democrat Ed Markey.

In an attempt to reach more residents in more communities, Semon has launched jeffen2012.com, a Spanish language campaign website he says is the first by a major candidate in Massachusetts. His standard website is jeffin2012.com.

“Today is the beginning of the end of empty promises and political pandering to the voters of Massachusetts’ 5th District.” Semon said in a statment.

The website debut, a move touted by party officials, came earlier this month  in Framingham when Semon partnered with Mary Z. Connaughton to introduce www.jeffen2012.com.

Semon follows the lead of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney – a MA5 (Belmont) resident – who also has a Spanish language website and recently hosted Senator Marco Rubio at an event in Boston. Rubio, an American born of Cuban parents, has been rumored to be a top contender for the Vice Presidential slot on the Republican ticket.

“Common sense knows no language or ethnic barrier," Semon said in a statement. "As Republicans, we need to raise the bar by reaching out to all communities across the country. The values of the Republican party are same for all who seek a bright future. I can tell you this -- Ed Markey has not assisted in the development of a single private sector job. He cannot in good conscience tell anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, that he has effectively represented their interests in Washington, DC.”

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Cat Gelardi July 27, 2012 at 04:14 PM
This is a total waste of money for this guy for a number of reasons. 1) How many voters in this district have been in the US long enough to become naturalized citizens, yet are not proficient enough to read this website in English? 2) His immigration policy states "I will not consider immigration reform at any level prior to the establishment of a secure border and a comprehensive overhaul of our benefits system." It would probably take years, even decades, to achieve these changes, and he says he won't consider any immigration reform (seemingly meaning legal immigration reform) until both these coniditions are met. Why would a Spanish-speaking immigrant who has first-hand experience with the problems of the immigration system ever vote for someone who wouldn't ever consider immigration reform in the conceivable future?


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