Broken Mass. Obamacare Website Could Cost $121M to Fix

Officials hired a new website contractor following a host of embarrassing technical glitches.

The Massachusetts Health Connector website. Credit: MAhealthconnector.org
The Massachusetts Health Connector website. Credit: MAhealthconnector.org
Officials on Thursday approved a huge funding measure to revive Massachusetts' broken health insurance website.

The Massachusetts Connector Board voted 10-1 Thursday in favor of the $121 million plan, according to the Statehouse News Service.

About $56 million will be paid to hCentive, a Virginia company that has operated health care websites in Colorado and Kentucky. The rest of the money would likely come from the federal government.

Earlier this year, state officials dropped CGI, the company that launched the health connector website. There were a host of technical glitches—and many residents were unable to sign up, restoring to paper forms instead. Gov. Deval Patrick has said the state was considering suing CGI.

If hCentive can't fix the website, Massachusetts will join the federal health care exchange, officials have said.
Waverly Watchdog May 11, 2014 at 09:23 AM
@Nomass: I very much doubt you, or anyone outside of the Obama/Patric inner circle, really know what went on, and they are not talking. It is quite possible some deal was made, for political reasons, and made to look like something else entirely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is it a co-incidence that OR, MD, CT, and MA, four of the MOST Progressivre Democratic states, have ALL had their home-brew exchanges crash and burn? Perhaps. Perhaps NOT! Many believe that Obamacare was DESIGNED to kill the private insurance market and force 'single payer'. In light of what has happened, that sounds more and more plausible. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Progressives did not count on the rage of the screwed. First it was Scott Brown, then the 2010 ouster of Nancy Pelosi. I sincerely hope, Harry Reid will go onto the trash heap of history in Nov.
Sean Ward May 11, 2014 at 11:12 AM
At this point single payer might be better. Private insurance and the medical industry in general are bilking all of us. As a result of Obamacare Massachusetts is looking at double digit increases again just like the several years after Romneycare. Once again we were promised savings and instead got huge increases. We are powerless to do anything about it because the right to choose was also taken away. People should be firing their health insurance companies to show them we want lower rates but that option was stripped from us here already with Romneycare. Like everything else the government tries to fix it's now more broken than ever.
Waverly Watchdog May 11, 2014 at 11:44 AM
@Sean W: Nonsense. When has ANY government intrusion into any market made anything better? NEVER! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For years, auto insurance rates in MA were just about the highest in the nation, BECAUSE OF GOV'T MANDATES. Why should healthcare be any different? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The free market ALWAYS performs better than a centrally planned economy. The US is now emulating the failed policies of the old USSR. In contrast, Russia has become far more free enterperise. The parallels are stunning. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Basically, Obama has decided to redistribute what hard working people have EARNED (and he's personally never earned anything) to the loafers and freeloaders and illegals, in the name of "Social Justice". ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The solution is a REAL free market insurance system, where people have REAL CHOICES. I see no reason why a 60 year old woman shopuld pay for pre-natal care or family planning services. One size does NOT fit all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Both the government run Medicare and VA systems have SERIOUS problems. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Government CANNOT make everyone rich, but it CAN make everybody EQUALLY POOR. THAT is Obama/Reid/Pelosi true agenda.
Bruce Cummings May 11, 2014 at 08:48 PM
A single-payer health care is a system in which the government takes a larger role. If they can't manage a website there is no way they deserve to assume more responsibility of my health insurance.
Waverly Watchdog May 12, 2014 at 08:44 AM
The Deval Patrick / DCF body count has now reached two, with a second dead kid incident reported recently. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Government at work !!


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