Waltham Man Charged in Allston Home Invasion

The suspect allegedly helped hold four people hostage in an Allston home.

A Waltham man is facing serious charges after he allegedly helped hold four people hostage in a Boston home last week, according to the Boston Glob.

Sean Bowler, 24, of Waltham is facing charges of home invasion and witness intimidation in connection with a Thursday, May 2 incident, according to the Globe. Also, Jacob Noseworthy, 29, of Allston, faces the same charges along with a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Both men were ordered held on $50,000 cash bail during a court hearing. Not guilty pleas were entered on their behalf, according to the Globe.

At around 3 a.m. on May 2, officers responded to a Holman Street home in Allston and noticed a man shut the door on them, according to the Globe. Officers surrounded the house as the pair allegedly tried to escape through windows.

One of the victims later told police a suspect banged on his door yelling “Boston Police,” and entered the room saying, "where's the weed?" The victim said he did not have any marijuana.

The two suspects ordered the victim to lay on his stomach on the kitchen floor, according to the Globe. Then, another suspect found the second victim sleeping in his bedroom. The suspect held that man at gunpoint demanding money.

As the suspect tossed items around the room, one of the victims told him he did not know to what he was referring, according to the Globe. As a result, the suspect pistol-whipped the victim on the head.

The third victim told police he was ordered to lay on the kitchen floor next to another victim. Then, the suspects apologized to the victims and left the scene.

Eventually, both suspects were taken into custody with no serious injuries to the victims, according to the Globe. The victim who was pistol-whipped sustained a cut on his head.

A bag of marijuana was recovered by police along with a cell phone inside a nearby car. 


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