Update on Search for New Waltham Police Chief

Whomever is chosen will be the permanent success to former chief Thomas LaCroix.

Waltham Police
Waltham Police
Mayor Jeannette McCarthy has narrowed her search for a new Waltham Police chief to one "semi-finalist," she said Wednesday. 

McCarthy would not say who the semi-finalist was but said an outside agency is conducting a background check on the candidate as well as a medical review. 

Acting Chief Keith MacPherson, Captain Donald Feeney, Captain Steven Champeon and Captain William Stanton have all applied for the position.

McCarthy did not specify when she would present her choice to the City Council for confirmation. However, whomever is chosen will be the permanent successor to former chief Thomas LaCroix. LaCroix resigned earlier this after he was convicted of assaulting his wife. 
Alice H December 05, 2013 at 02:52 PM
Wow, these are four very fine candidates. Waltham really can't lose with this field to chose from. I personally favor Stephen Champeon for his excellent community outreach, but would be happy with any. Sorry to see that Donny Russo did not apply.
Bill L December 05, 2013 at 06:58 PM
While I am sure that these four are wonderful people, we are talking about four people who rose through the ranks with one chief who was forced out for ethical issues and another who was forced out as he broke the law. This is a position that will pay more than the Superintendent of Schools and we will handle it as “whose turn is it now?” Under the leadership of these four we had an officer on leave with pay for 9 months (thank you for that, Mr. Brasco) who was then paid to settle a grievance concerning his lost over time and details. Not to mention the overtime that was paid to cover his shifts. This is their leadership/management style? Please, bring in an outsider to clean it up. One of the Mayors issues with the contract revolves around “management issues”. First off, our elected leaders have surrendered all their management rights and no have to fight to get them back. Secondly, do you think another insider will resolve these issues? We are a multimillion dollar business that still runs like it is 1960.
Walthamguy December 06, 2013 at 03:15 AM
For more info on city employee's salaries (2009-2010) check out http://www.boston.com/yourtown/waltham/news/waltham_municipal_salaries/?appSession=945288191866885&RecordID=&PageID=2&PrevPageID=2&cpipage=1&CPIsortType=desc&CPIorderby=Department&cbCurrentPageSize= --- Pensions and healthcare benefits (for life, incl dependents are extra...


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