Two Waltham Massage Parlors Fined For Violating License Rules

Workers at parlors were not licensed.

Two Waltham massage parlors were cited recently for violating state licensing rules, according to Waltham Police.

The Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure has fined Waltham Wellness Place, 905 Main St., and Zen Massage and Body Works, 740 Main St. (Suite 116), for license violations, according to Waltham Police Sgt. Joseph Guigno. 

Inspectors from the state agency, at the request of police, visited both locations on Thursday, Feb. 2 after police received complaints about both locations, according to Guigno.

DPL fined Xiao Yu Nie, a Flushing, New York resident and owner of Waltham Wellness Place, and two of her employees for not having a license to practice massage therapy, according to Guigno. The fines total $700.

The agency also fined David Joyce, a Worcester resident and owner of Zen Massage and Body Works, for two of his workers lacking a massage therapy license, according to Guigno. The fines totaled $400. Joyce himself is a licensed massage therapist, Guigno said.

The fines go to the DPL and not the city because the agency is the enforcement authority for massage licensing.

Both locations potentially have building code violations and will be inspected by the city’s Building Inspection department, according to Guigno.

Waltham Police plan to do frequent checks of local massage parlors, according to Guigno.

Wing Nutt February 07, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Get over yourselves. Lonely men going in for a rub and tug aren't spreading any diseases and aren't going to damage your precious neighborhood. Nobody's getting hurt and it probably reduces crime against women in the long run.
Gordon J. February 07, 2012 at 04:56 PM
It's the masseuses, the facility itself, and its unsafe and unhealty practices and conditions that are helping with the disease spreading dimwit! The main parlor discussed in the article is dirty, and drab, and has a musty, stale and smelly air quality to it, from windows rarely being opened, and years of dust accumulation everywhere, breeding germs. There is a rat and mouse problem and droppings hidden all over, and rooms are multi-purposely used. The same room for lounging and sleeping is also used for dining, the room for adl's, bathing and relieving one- self {both customers and staff use it, too} is also used for a cooking water source and hand laundering clothing and towels, and the room for hanging of laundry to air dry is also used for cooking, and storage. The actual massage rooms are also disgusting and is dust, dna, and germ-filled, and this can and is passed from masseuse to customer, customer to masseuse, to the next customer and to anyone they come in contact with in the general neighborhood within a few hours of leaving. Also, these women are essentially slaves to their victimizing bosses, and work nearly 12 to 15 hours daily, with a sparse few days off a year, and not much light or sun in their lives. This lack of freedom, alienation, immobilty, & rare time off, are the crimes. So, yes people are getting hurt, moron, and diseases and germ spreading is realistic.
Wing Nutt February 07, 2012 at 06:02 PM
I see the conversation has been lowered to name calling. Nice work there distinguished sir. The comments you make about the sanitary conditions are nonsense. Both facilities are perfectly clean, and in fact Zen is spotless. Believe me, they wouldn't attract customers in the state you describe. And the "human trafficking" aspect that you also claim is hogwash in this case. It's an argument being pulled out universally by activists and law enforcement as a response to the "victimless crime" argument without any regard to the particular circumstances. But the ladies who work at these particular establishments are there completely voluntarily, and are under absolutely no duress. You lose Mr. Johnson. Take your crusade elsewhere.
Gordon J February 07, 2012 at 10:50 PM
Ev/thing u said is wrong, displays your gullibility. U want 2 believe something so badly, r persistant & insistent ur right, but really ur just naive. Visit the facility, (not Zen, that may indeed b clean), & u will be awakened & educated, as ur surely ignorant now. Read some online sites on this subject, a google search. Its in Waltham whether u want 2 admit it or not, with the worst case being the place I'm focusing on, Wal. Wellness. Their lives r virtually slavelike, & they r economically bounded by the situation. Choices r limited. You are right, they are not attracting too many customers due to their environment, & it should be either closed down or renovated. But they have no choice but to bear it out & hope for the best under the present conditions as it's the boss who makes the decisions, not them. This is what they are doing. Practicing persistency. Time on their hands is their biggest asset. They are waiting it out, as they have been instructed to do by the boss. They don't mix in the outside world regularly, get little sun light, have limited access to healthcare, dental-care, tooth decay issues, work 12 to 15 hour days, & sparse days off, sparse time for nomal socialization. Not to mention the men they r forced to service 2 barely stay afloat economically, & the germs issue. There's no maid/butler service helping them or a heavy stream of generous customers flowing like honey, that builds them a fast nest egg so they can retire early. It's a rut. Win here!
Gordon J February 10, 2012 at 04:58 AM
Follow up: It appears from a sign on door at 905 Main St, that the Waltham Wellness Place parlor has been closed for a week. The small, barely noticeable sign, (probably out of embarrassment but who knows?), says "closed 2/7 thru 2/12, Re-open 2/13," in black felt pen scribbled hand-writing. Wow, that was fast! A suspension? Closed for renovations? Maybe to never re-open? We will wait and see, but this iin and of itself is good news nonetheless. I guess the city, and the neighborhood does care, after all.


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