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Two Waltham Home Invasion Suspects Held Without Bail; Bail Set For Third Suspect

Next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 24

Two Waltham men allegedly involved in were ordered held without bail today, while a third suspect had his bail set at $5,000 cash bail.

Newton District Court Judge Sarah Singer ordered Vincenzo Alonge, 22, and Richard Siciliano, 29, both of Waltham, held without bail during a dangerousness hearing on Thursday, Jan. 5.

Singer set the bail for 27, of Burlington, at $5,000 cash, with two conditions. Jimenez, if he posts bail, must submit to house arrest and wear a GPS monitoring bracelet. According to his attorney, he was raised in Waltham.

The trio’s next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 24. The hearing started on Wendesday, Jan. 4 and continued today with attorney for all three men questioning Newton Police detectives that investigated the incidents.

Alonge and Siciliano have been charged with armed burglary, use of a firearm in a felony and carrying a firearm without a license in connection with a Dec. 30 home invasion in Newton. Jimenez has been charged with armed burglary for the Dec. 30 incident. Police believe they were involved in a Dec. 26 home invasion at the same home.


Overall, Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Craig Estes tried to link the Dec. 26 burglary to the Dec. 30 burglary. Newton Police Detective Robert Sampson testified that packing tape found while investigating both incidents matched. Estes, during the hearing, said that a watch found on Siciliano appeared to match one taken during the Dec. 26 incident, while zip ties allegedly used to bind the victims, were found at Alonge’s home and tie him to both robberies.


Also, Siciliano allegedly told Sampson, during an interview, that he was involved in the Dec. 30 robbery, along with two other people, whom Sampson did not specify. Sampson said the trio was trying to steal drugs and money from the home because Siciliano apparently owed Alonge $3,000. Siciliano also told police that he gave Alonge a mask and bag to use during the robbery and entered the home through a bathroom window.

Sampson, under cross examination from Siciliano’s attorney Joseph Mahaney, acknowledged the burglary victims could have a history of dealing drugs, including Percocet and Oxycontin.

Sampson also testified that a Middlesex County drug task force was aware of the home in connection with possible drug activity.


Newton Detective Robert Lee testified that Jimenez also allegedly told him that he was involved with the Dec. 30 burglary, but said that once he learned of Alonge and Siciliano’s intent to rob the home, did not woant to participate. Alonge's cell phone, which was found at the scene, listed Melvin as “Big Melvin,” Lee testified.

Also, Lee testified that Jimenez later told him that on Dec. 28, Alonge bragged to him about committing the Dec. 26 robbery. Alonge, Lee said, took a Playstation 3, a watch and a money counter. A search of Alonge’s Waltham home turned up a Playstation 3, cocaine, Percocet pills, Lee testified. He, however, acknowledged he does not know whether it is the same Playstation taken from the house.

The trio later split $4,000 taken from the scene and Percocet pills, among four people, although only three people have been arrested, according to Lee.

Jimenez’s attorney, Dino Tangredi, also questioned Lee about whether his client actually wanted to participate in the burglary.


Attorneys for the three men asked the judge for bail to be set for their clients with conditions attached, but in the end, the judge only allowed bail for Jimenez. Siciliano and Alonge were ordered held without bail. Tangredi said Jimenez had "no direct involvement," in the crime and that the DA had no "clear and convincing" evidence to justify holding him without bail.


Siciliano is a licensed electrician and has a drug problem, according to his attorney, Mahaney. His client has sought help in the past and told the judge of a drug rehab program that Siciliano could enter if released on bail. Siciliano also has a child, Mahaney said.

Jimenez has been convicted has 10 crimes in the pas and is currently in the U.S. Army Reserves, according to Estes. He has served a two overseas tours, one in Iraq and the other in Afghanistan, according to Tangredi. In Afghanistan, Jimenez protected VIPs, Tangredi said. He has an injury he sustained during his tour in Iraq. He has two children and was raised in Waltham.

Alonge has no prior criminal record, according to his attorney Peter Bella.




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