Trial Date Set for Waltham Pot-Growing Suspects

The trial of six defendants is set to start in 2013.

A trial start date has been set for several suspects charged in connection with a a marijuana-growing operating in Waltham, according to federal court records.

The jury trial of Thomas Bailey, Clay Gollobin, Eric Falzon, Barbara Waldman, Mary Coman and Matthew Fox is set to begin on May 5, 2013, according to federal court records. Authorities say Gollobin, Falzon and Bailey were operating a large pot-growing operation at a Waltham warehouse. Prosecutors say

The court date does not guarantee the case will actually go to trial, but is the first step in the process. The defendants could change their pleas to guilty and forgo a trial.

A status report on the case is due to Judge Ryan Zobel by Jan. 16, 2013, according to court records. Attorneys for the suspects have until Jan. 30, 2013 to file montions to supress evidence against their clients.

Also, the judge recently granted Bailey's motion have his attorney, Kevin Mahoney, taken off the case, according to court records. Bailey has retained a new attorney. 

Bailey, Falzon and Gobolin were arrested in October 2011 when Waltham Police raided a warehouse in the city where the three allegedly grew and sold the drug. 

 in July 2012 on charges connected to the case.


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