Should Waltham Create Coyote Response Teams?

Belmont's proposal to deal with coyote could be done in Waltham.

Could a proposal in Belmont be the solution to Waltham's coyote problem?

Officials in Belmont have proposed creating "hazing" teams intended address coyote losing their fear of humans, according to Boston.com

In Belmont, teams would be trained to harmlessly scare coyotes away by staring at them, shouting or waving at the creatures, according to Boston.com.

For the full story, go here. 

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should Waltham create coyote hazing teams? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below? 

Cj December 13, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Waltham should first learn to deal with their trash that doesn't attrack animals. How can a city allow trash to be put out not in proper secured trash cans. The city looks like a garbage dump when you drive thru it on trash pick up day. The city officials and the residents should be embarrased. Lets not kill wild animals, lets not feed them either so they come up to our back doors.


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