New Details in Waltham Man's Murder Trial

The murder trial begins next week.

A Maine judge has ordered to limit the testimony of a psychiatrist in the trial of a Waltham man charged with killing an elderly woman in Maine, according to the Franklin Sun Journal.

 His trial is scheduled to start the week of Nov. 5.

The judge, during a hearing last week, granted the district attorney's motion to deny Dr. William Brennan from discussing Contreras's personality, according to the Sun Journal. The judge also barred the psychiatrist from testifying on whether Contreras consumed bath salts because he lacks the qualifications, according to the Sun Journal However, the psychiatrist will be allowed to testify about the general use of bath salts if the defense calls him as a witness.


  • On the night of the murder, Contreras said he went to a bar in Farmington and had one or two beers, according to the Sun Journal. 
  • Contreras said he later walked to another bar and drink beer throughout the night, according to the newspaper.
  • Contreras claims he later met a stranger who looked like "Jesus," with whom he smoked marijuana, according to the Sun Journal. The stranger told Contreras the pot contained bath salts.
  • Angry at allegedly consuming bath salts, Contreras left the bar and later realized he had somehow cut his hand.
  • Contreras said he recalls thinking he was being attacked but has no memory of killing Burton, according to the newspaper.
  • Also, Contreras moved to the United States when he was 8 to be with his mother, according to the Sun Journal. He later moved to Maine in 2010.
  • He has a history of four head injuries sustained during car crashes. 


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