Former Waltham Police Chief to Receive Retirement Benefits

Officials have not yet said how much LaCroix will receive.

Former Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix.
Former Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix.

The Waltham Retirement Board on Thursday unanimously approved paying former Waltham Police Chief Thomas LaCroix retirement benefits. 

LaCroix, who was convicted of assaulting his wife (misdemeanor) stemming from a June 2012 incident at his Maynard home, resigned from his post soon after he was sentenced in July. LaCroix later applied for retirement benefits from the city.

However, the board has not yet specified how much LaCroix will receive. That calculation will be made by the end of November, according to Waltham Retirement Director Joseph Juppe.

The board made the decision during a brief closed-door session on Thursday afternoon, which LaCroix and his wife, Andrea, attended. 

"He's happy to move on," said LaCroix's attorney, Nicholas Poser, after the meeting. 

DECISION DETAILS (The written decision of the board was penned by the board's attorney, Michael Sacco)

·      The board, in its decision, concluded LaCroix’s crimes did not break laws in connection with his job as a police officer.

·      According to the decision, LaCroix argued that he was “exclusively” off duty during the incident and that his actions were not “misconduct.”

·      Also, Sacco concluded case law requires him t narrowly apply the are in the context of the actual crimes he was convicted of and not the crimes of which he was charged. LaCroix was convicted of tow misdemeanor counts of two counts of assault and battery.

·      Despite the decision, Sacco dismissed LaCroix’s argument that denying benefits would punish Andrea. Sacco said LaCroix is responsible for the raising the issue of whether he would be denied benefits.

·      Despite granting the benefits, the board said it’s decision does not condone LaCroix attacking his wife.

·      The 13-page decision is available to the public at the Waltham Retirement Board in Waltham City Hall.

Frosty the Snowman October 24, 2013 at 11:26 PM
GOOD! I'm not condoning his behavior or trying to encourage domestic violence, but this man protected Waltham. Plenty of people will cry foul, these same people have jobs with little to no risk. People stress out at work about printer jams and servers going down, law enforcement deals with scum and violence. I hope LaCroix sorts out the problems he is having and has a long quiet retirement.
holly October 25, 2013 at 10:23 AM
The entire episode is very sad. If the board felt they had to make this decision in light of the case law, then the City should work aggressively to change the guidelines now to prevent any more of these shameful and painful situations. In this case, LAW enforcement did ACT in VIOLENCE and that should NEVER be rewarded. That's the least that can be done for the sake of all victims of domestic violence and for the City of Waltham as a whole. I'm all for providing comprehensive, therapeutic supports for all officers. I know their jobs are VERY difficult but once violence occurs, it can never be rewarded. I am also sorry for all the decent, hard working officers and other city employees as this unfairly casts a bad light on them. Fix this now so we stop attracting officers or anyone to Waltham who thinks they can get away with shameful conduct on or off the job. Fix this to encourage others to get help and prevent violence. The City is creating a community with great mistrust among the community if they don't do much more to address this. I am embarrassed yet again for the City of Waltham. I would hope all city government officials are as embarrassed as I am by all this. Aren't they also tired of seeing such negative stories about Waltham in the local news! Change the laws, the guidelines.... absolutely NO EXCUSES!!!
Frosty the Snowman October 25, 2013 at 05:21 PM
I'm done with stuff like this on the Patch the bleeding hearts, feel good types like Holly are too much to bear. Calling benefits earned over a career a reward, for violence shows how foolish your entire thought process is....


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