Details on September Robbery in Downtown Waltham

In total, 9 people have been charged in the downtown Waltham attacks.

Waltham Police
Waltham Police

Details have emerged in a previously undisclosed downtown Waltham robbery.

A Sept. 18 robbery occurred on Chestnut Street near Moody Street, according to Waltham District Court records. The incident was reported to police on Sept. 19.

The victim told police he was walking on Chestnut Street at around 9 p.m. when somebody punched him in the face, according to court records. The attacker struck the victim several more times before the victim passed out. When the victim regained consciousness, he noticed his iPhone 4 and driver’s license were gone.  The victim was unable to give a description of the suspect.

Police later spoke with a male witness who told them he was not involved in the incident, but saw the attack happen. He told police he saw a man, whom he knew, attack the victim. The witness told police he saw another man, Robert Jackson, take the victim’s phone.

The witness also told police he saw a third man involved in the incident, but he could not identify him.

Jackson is facing charges in the downtown robberies.

Police closed the case after initially speaking to the victim because they could not locate him for more information, according to court records.

On Dec. 22, police interviewed another man, a juvenile, about the September incident, according to court records. The person told police he had seen a tall, skinny, black man walking up Chestnut Street and that “people had been looking to fight the male and went behind him," the police report reads. The witness identified who punched the victim and also said Jackson went through the victim’s pockets.

The witness also told police another person, a white male in his 20s, hit the victim in the face with a baseball bat. Police later identified the man as Yoshuel DeVictoria Lopez, according to court records.

The witness also admitted to kicking the victim as he was down, according to court records.

After the interview, the witness picked Lopez out of a photo array. Police later arrested Lopez on Dec. 23.


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