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Burlington Man Arrested After Drunken Break-In in Waltham

The incident occurred on Dec. 10.

Waltham Police
Waltham Police
A 23-year-old drunken Burlington man was arrested on Dec. 10 after he allegedly broke into a Waltham home believing a family member lived there, according to Waltham Police. 

Samuel Cummings, of 8 Liberty Ave. was arrested and charged with assault (headbutt), assault and battery on a police officer, trespassing (misdemeanor), breaking and entering into a motor vehicle or home (misdemeanor) and resisting arrest. 

The incident began at around 12:59 a.m. when police received a call for an unwanted person at 46 South St., according to Sgt. Joseph Guigno. The caller said a drunken man had entered the home and that she did not know him. 

When police arrived, Cummings was leaving the home, Guigno said.

"The guy looked like he was really drunk. He thought he was in Burlington," Guigno said. 

Police told Cummings to place his hands behind his back, but he resisted, Guigno said. Eventually, officers got the cuffs on Cummings and placed him in a cruiser, but that's when Cummings went into an angry rage, Guigno said.

As officers drove Cummings to police headquarters, Cummings began making explicit statements to them and banging his head against the safety glass in the cruiser, Guigno said. The head banging caused a wound on Cumming's head. 

When officers arrived at the station, Cummings refused to leave the cruiser. 

"They had to actually physically remove him from the cruiser," Guigno said. 

Officers began booking Cummings, but he continued his belligerent behavior, Guigno said. 

"He grabbed one of the officers' fingers, bent it back. And he also tried to headbutt one of the officers also," Guigno said. "He kept saying he wasn't in Waltham."

Officers halted the booking process and had medics examine Cummings's head wound. Cummings was taken to Newton-Wellesley Hospital for treatment and later taken back to the the police station for booking, Guigno said.


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