Blue-Green Algae Bloom Found in Waltham Part of Charles River

A public health advisory has been issued for an area of the Charles River in Newton.

Blue-Green algae bloom, a potentially toxic threat to anybody who touches it, has been detected in the Waltham, Weston and Newton portions of the Charles River, according to the Charles River Watershead Association.

Specifically, the CRWA has issuesd a public advisory for the area of Charles River Kayak & Canoe on the river in Newton, according to the CRWA. 

"The advisory does not close the river to boating, but the public should be aware of the problem and minimize contact with the water," the CRWA website reads.

Testing to date indicates the toxin levels are not a cause for great concern, according to the CRWA. 

For more information on Blue-Green algae, visit the CRWA website.

Renee M. Boudreau August 11, 2012 at 04:26 AM
My questions about this; A. Where did the Algae originate/come from? B. After all this rain, and ofcourse the course of the Charles; won't all this toxic algae end up in the Bay??
Robert G. Logan August 11, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Renee, This algae is actually a bacteria called cyanobacteria. It can be found in almost all water bodies, both fresh and saltwater, and has been in the Charles River for years. Excess sunlight and nutrients (e.g. lawn fertilizer) cause outbreaks. While all of this rain may flush out much of the algae, it will unfortunately also wash more nutrients into the water and another bloom could result. Yes, what is washed away will end up in the sea. Robert G. Logan Councillor Ward 9


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