Sudbury Valley School Winter 2014 Open House

“The Sudbury Valley School is a dangerous place to visit, as I did last month. It upends your views about what school is for, why it has to cost as much as it does, and whether our current model makes any sense at all. But what's most amazing about the school, a claim the founders make which was backed up by my brief observations, my conversations with students, and the written recollections of alumni, is that the school has taken the angst out of education. Students like going there, and they like their teachers. Because they are never made to take a class they don’t like, they don’t rue learning. They don’t hate homework because they don’t have homework. School causes no fights with their parents.”


If you’d like to learn more, the Sudbury Valley School will host its Winter Open House on Saturday 25 January 2014, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.  You can meet and talk with students, staff, parents and graduates.  The School is located at 2 Winch Street, Framingham, MA.  For direction, check out the School’s website http://www.sudval.org/

JohnnyMass January 24, 2014 at 11:56 PM
They don't have to take classes that they don't like... They don't have homework.... Let's let the inmates run the asylum! How much do they learn if they don't like English or math?
Mike Sadofsky January 25, 2014 at 09:05 AM
That's one viewpoint, expressed, I assume, by someone who knows little about this School and its graduates. In large numbers, Sudbury graduates are sought after by colleges and universities and employers. They tend to be young people who have learned what they need to learn as they take the "next step" in their lives. They are articulate, knowledgeable, and accomplished young adults ready and able to succeed as they make their way in the world. One common theme I have heard over and over from Sudbury Valley graduates who I speak with after they have moved on is this: "I went to college/university to study and learn, and it was great. I was ready and knew what I wanted. My classmates (from prestigious public high schools and private academies) often had no idea how to study and learn. They would ask instructors to tell them what would be tested, or what was important, or what chapters to read,... I could never understand why they thought they were ready for college." And those Sudbury grads who choose to immediately join the workforce after graduation tell similar stories. They look for what needs to be done and do it. They see others waiting to be told what to do next. Employers love them because they take initiative and aren't looking for the easy way. If you want to learn about Sudbury Valley School, ask someone who knows or check the School's website, www.sudval.org


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