Speeding On Lincoln St During School Hours

We need to have some police presence on Lincoln St during the morning school commute. There is a wonderful crossing guard at MacArthur school named Helen that every day has to yell at the top of her lungs at speeders to "Slow Down!" as they race up Lincoln towards the school trying to get to 128 as fast as possible. This despite a flashing 20 mph sign that actively reports the drivers speed . I have seen this be typically 30 to 40 and even as high as 45 mph on occasion. (I have taken pictures of it as proof) Can we do something here before tragedy strik
Rebecca Kniolek January 31, 2014 at 10:11 PM
I drive to school both middle and elementary, the speeding on Lincoln is bad, but Lexington street the people go almost 45 mph through a school zone and all day long. I thought if you were speeding in a school zone you got a ticket, but their is never any cops catching these people. I follow the school speed limits and regular speed limits, I just don't understand why people feel like when they get on Lexington street they feel like it's 128 and they just go as fast as possible to the next red light. Doesn't make sense they need to enforce the speeding on Lincoln and Lexington somehow.


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