Senator Michael Barrett?

What is Senator Michael Barrett doing to help stop the prolong mismanagement of the Health and Human Service executive Office with the following scandals: Rogue Chemist, lack of oversight of compounding pharmacies, missing children at Department of children and families, dead people getting EBT Cards and EBT cards with large balances and the Boston Globe reporting HHS money wasted on non-profit in Worcester before and after state and private adult.  What is he doing, as Chair, Joint Committee on Children, Families and Persons with Disabilities; as a member of the Joint Committee on Health Care Financing; Joint Committee on Public Service; and Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight?

JohnnyMass January 04, 2014 at 08:24 AM
Another liberal idiot put into office by the fools of Massachusetts. As long as you're for gay marriage, amnesty for illegals, higher pay for Burger King workers, and a health coverage plan which will eventually destroy private health care and put the USA even deeper into debt, you've got a legislative career for as long as you like! Who cares if kids go missing, drug pushers go free, and EBT waste and fraud continues? Barrett's got a "D" next to his name on the ballot, and that's all that matters to the electorate here!


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