http://mobile.wnd.com/2012/03/whos-right-about-agenda-21/ Agenda 21 UN policy being implemented

Agenda 21 signed by G.HW Bush 1992 Rio Earth Summit Brazil. The recommendation on this document is and has been implemented incrementally since 1992 on record. Boston 2013 a major city got out of ICLEI UN Agenda21 Sustainable development. Waltham,Quincy,Newburyport, andd over 1000 more towns and cities are still under UN policy, ordinances, and soon ro.be law under Agenda 21 it is in fact being implemented. Study the document,before you dismiss this ON THE PUBLIC RECORD post. God Bless Maranatha my friends
Larry Fine January 05, 2014 at 06:19 PM
take off your tinfoil hat sir
osende monteiro January 06, 2014 at 09:05 PM
You sir are a coward. So why is the AG Coakley investigating the evidence. Harvard Studies are now irrelevant suddenly. Your ignorant simpleton ars can only call me names, but cant argue facts which are on.the public record. Show me the tests which national grid claims that show non thermal radio frequency radiation is safe for humans ,show everyone here on the patch, pls show me. So i guess you NEVER read Agenda21 which is on the public record, and evsryone in Worcester is crazy because we got legislators to look at the facts and issue an opt-out. Facts sir, again im not your enemy , unless you are here to mock me so others won't look at the truth. Nice tactic. Now allow me to explain, im a peaceful man, until to act ignorant. Ask Brasco, im here because im empathetic to the ignorant folks, the weak, the uninformed .... tin foil hats, thats your best. WND News, Reuters, DailyMail,IEEE,FCC,EPA, i could go on but why speak to a wall . Mr. Fine, may i ask your qualifications, are you an expert such as Dr David Stetzer AMR expert. How about Katherine Albrecht, facts son, also dnt tread on me, knkw FACTS then comment


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