Elks Club 4500 N.Main Street Fall River, Ma

Dr. Sandra Stotsky is one of only two qualified members of the Common Core validation Committee who refused to sign of f on Common Core Curriculum State Standards citing there are no standards http://greaterbostonteaparty.com/ My friends,rhis isn't a LEFT RIGHT issue, these are our children, aka our future... please i implore t you to come
osende monteiro January 07, 2014 at 07:03 AM
Dr Sandra Stotsky this Thursday Elks Club Fall River Ma. The alleged claim was 75% of Waltham teachers were in support of Common Core Curriculum, well i spoke to 5 different Waltham teachers,and they have no clue of what Common Core Curriculum actually is or does as usual all my information is on the public RECORD. and if i wear tin foil hat Mr you know who, then so does Dr Stotsky, Dr James Milgram, etc. ON RECORD. Please attend, knowledge is power.


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