Waltham Man Spins Social Media Into a Job

Dave Cutler recently landed a new job after being unemployed for 14 months.

After 14 months, Dave Cutler has a new lease on life. At least, his professional life. 

Cutler, who was jobless for 14 months, recently landed a new job as a social media and community manager for Tibco Spotfire, a Somerville-based firm that makes data visualization software.

Cutler, a Waltham father of two, however, didn’t take the traditional job search approach. Using Facebook, Twitter and other online outlets, Cutler marketed himself to potential employers, which ultimately helped him get his new position He started his new job April 16.

For Cutler, who had been doing freelance and consulting work to help make ends meet, reentering the workforce has been challenging. Cutler, in an interview with Waltham Patch, said he has had to sacrifice the extra time he had been spending with his two sons and dog, but he has taken it in stride, calling it a trade-off for landing a new job. Cutler, however, relishes other aspects of the adjustment.

“Obviously, the piece of being away from my kids more has been challenging. It’s been exciting to tackle something new. I like being part of a team and part of collaborative efforts,” Cutler said.

Since being laid off from his marketing job in February of last year, Cutler had been trying to land a job as a social media manager. How did he do that? He used Twitter, Facebook, an iPhone app, website and other outlets to market himself to potential employers, according to the Boston Globe.

Cutler said that his social media efforts played a large part in getting his new job. Several employees at Tibco Spotfire reached out to their professional networks for potential candidate and submitted Cutler’s name, Cutler said. The referrals came around the same time Cutler garnered media attention about his unique job search, Cutler said.

“It definitely greased the skids a little bit,” Cutler said.

Also, his social media efforts provided Tibco Spotfire a window into Cutler’s employee potential, which he said helped get the job.

Looking back on his job search, Cutler urged other job seekers to try to maintain a positive attitude about their search, especially when interacting with potential employers or networking contacts.

Be sure to also maintain professional contacts so you can easily approach them when you need them later, he said.

Job seekers, Cutler also said, should reexamine their approach and try new tactics to make themseves look better than other job candidates.

“You ultimately have to find a way to differentiate yourself,” Cutler said.


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