Waltham Girls Lend a Hand To Feral Cats

Shelters will help cats in Waltham area.

Several cats will soon enjoy the confines of a new shelter thanks to the help of eight Waltham Girl Scouts.

Scouts from Troop 71820 on Wednesday built several shelters for to donate to the Cat Connection in Watertown and Charles River Alley Cats in Cambridge, according to Dawn Marie Costorf, the troop's Girl Scout Leader. The scouts are in grades 4 - 6.

The scouts spent the afternoon at Northeast School building in order to receive a Girl Scout Brozne Award and raise awareness of the need to help feral cats in Waltham, according Costorf. The Scouts also made flyers to promote the causes, which will be distributed upon approval by the Cat Connection. Once finished, the girl will received their award in June, Costorf told Waltham Patch in an e-mail. 

“Anything for Girl Scouts really teachees them to be self-reliant and independent thinkers [builds leadership skills],” Costorf said. “They have all now learned about feral cats."

Sue H April 07, 2012 at 12:15 AM
That is great! What a nice thing to do and it wil make real difference in how adoptable those kitties will be.
Kathleen Keegan April 07, 2012 at 09:58 PM
The girls also learned what the difrence between a stray and a feral cat is and what to do if they come across one of these cats and who to call. They also did a ton of research and made posters and got to see real feral cats and spend some time with them my daugher is one of them and really had a great experece while doing this project. Her favorite Part was getting up close and personal with the cats and kittens as we have 3 cats of our own and 1 is a stray and 2 we think were feral. Her grandmother adopted a feral kitten from a shelter and the kitten is doing wonderful and is very very spoiled. i think that the main point of our story that we want to get out to the public is that if you are going to have a pet, please have it spayed or neuted as its not fair to the animal and there is financial help out there if people need it and that by building these shelters its giving the cats out there a chance to live and have a safe and warm place to go to so please help these orgizations if you can. thank you


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