Alleged State Benefit Cheat Arrested in Waltham

Cambridge man allegedly assumed another identity to receive state benefits.

last week arrested a Cambridge man authorities say had been fradulently receiving state benefits by assuming another man's identity, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office.

Frederick Cross, 68, of Cambridge, was arrested on Thursday, Aug. 23 at the after he visited it, according to the DA's office.

A Suffolk Superior Court judge ordered Cross held on $25,000 bail during a Friday, Aug. 24 court hearing on four counts of identity theft, two counts of making false statements to a government agency, one count of forgery or misuse of a Registry of Motor Vehicles document, one count of making false statements to obtain public assistance and one count of making false statements to obtain medical assistance, according to the DA's office. He is also charged with making false statements under penalty of perjury. 

Authorities said Cross and his alleged victim share a similar name and ahs received aroudn $65,000 in benefits since 2005. 

In addition the alleged fraud, Cross was not eligible to receive the benefits because he had several outstanding warrants against him for several chagres, including larceny and driving with a suspended license, according to the DA.

Authorities believe Cross obtained several types of state benefits after applying for and receiving a Social Security card under his victim's name in 1994, according to the DA. Cross also obtained a Massachusetts drivers license in the victim's name in 1996 and later a state identity card in 2008. Cross also allegedly used the victim's date of birth and a birth certificate to obtain the benefits, which included Supplmental Nutritional Assistance Program, MassHealth (medical benefits) and Emergency Aid for the Elderly, Disabled and Children. Investigators found altered birth cerfiticates in Cross's apartment.

While investigating he case, authorities discovered Cross applied for Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income benefits under his own name in 1990 but was denied, according to the DA. As a result, Cross allegedly assumed the victim's indentity and reapplied for Social Security in 1994, 2009 and 2010, but was denied.  

As a result of the fraud, the alleged victim, who lives out of state, has received for loans, medical care and other services Cross obtained in his name, according to the DA. The aleged victim has resolved the billing issues.

Hawka3 August 28, 2012 at 08:26 PM
An american citizen, Frederick Cross, got caught for doing what EVERY illegal immigrant is doing in our state. The only difference is that he is an american citizen, otherwise authorities would have turned their heads like they do to EVERY other person committing the same crimes, in the same office, most likely at the exact same time. Did they investigate everyone sitting in the SS office too? Nope. Just the one citizen who IS a documented American.


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