VIDEO: Watertown Man Adopts 2 Greyhound Friends

Peter Bloom has bonded with his two roommates – Larry and Candy – who he adopted from a Hopkinton group that rescues former racing dogs.

Watertown-resident Peter Bloom always wanted to adopt a greyhound, and when he retired from the Massachusetts Medical Society he adopted Larry, and soon adopted him a "sister," Candy.

Bloom adopted the dogs from Greyhound Friends, a group based in Hopkinton that works with dogs to make them adoptable. Bloom volunteers with the group two days a week.

The dogs need to learn basics such as how to go up and down stairs, dealing with windows and how to socialize with other dogs.

Though they are racing dogs, Bloom said greyhounds do not need a lot of exercise and actually like to sleep much of the day. They do well with kids and in apartments, as long as they get taken outside for some exercise and to relieve themselves. Also, owners must not take them off the leash while they are out, because greyhounds – a sight hound – will chase animals and will not stop for cars or other dangers.


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