See Finishing Times For Marathon Runners From Waltham

Many Waltham resident have finished, but some are still on the course.

Waltham fielded 46 runners in this year's Boston Marathon held under the stifling heat.

Check out their finishing times below!.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Runners who have no listed times may not have participated, dropped out mid-race or deferred to next year's race due to the heat.

----------------------- (Source: Boston Marathon Web site)

Amanda J. Aborn, 24: 06:01:24

Ingrid H. Abrahamsen, 29: 4:42:45

Beth Adams, 34: 06:08:00

Cindy L. Alena, 40: 06:23:46

Keri Alles Arone, 32: No times listed

Kirk Andriano, 55: No times listed

Christopher C. Blood, 17: 06:19:14

Kip L. Bodi, 31: 04:47:36

Danielle Bradbury, 32: Finish time not listed.

Anne Buckless, 26: 5:10:35

Jeffrey J. Capobianco, 40: 02:58:17

Karen Carone, 37: 04:42:58

John A. Caruso Jr., 39: 05:11:01

Timothy J. Cimeno, 33: 05:52:22

Sall A. Coleman, 31: No times listed.

Michael Culgin, 29: 06:34:55

Charles Dinsmore, 23: No finish time listed.

Jesus Fuerte, 33: 04:07:25

Jordan L. Gill, 30: 04:48:00

Amelia Grifftin, 35: No times listed

Lynn Haggis, 27: No times listed

Mark D. Hagopian, 29: 03:53:34

John Hu, 47: Finish time not yet listed.

Christine M. Hunt, 32: 04:54:42

Charles K. Huynh, 26: 06:52:23

Corey J. Kazak, 29: No times listed

Rafael Martinez, 28: 05:23:37

Patrick McVeigh, 56: No times listed.

Krystina Miller, 27: 04:56:42

Beth M. Millian, 25: 04:27:15

Caroline Muriama, 33: 05:02:06

Catherine Newton, 36: 05:39:13

Michael G. Payne, 63: Finish time not listed.

Donna Quail, 34: 04:46:12

Liz Richard, 56: 06:24:12

Tara B. Rohatgi, 38: 04:59:06

Marissa A. Salamanca, 26: 05:34:55

Tobias H. Seizam, 35: 03:30:27

Elizabeth J. Taylor, 51: Finish time not listed.

Justine M. Temple, 22: 06:26:40

Sadik Tokgoz, 43: 03:08:08

Jamie V. Tomc, 26: 04:26:43

Charles R. Vanderburg, 55: 06:17:42

Karen Vankleeck, 31:05:51:18

Amy Vatour, 32: 05:29:16

Judith E. Zuckerman, 49: Estimated finish time of seven hours.

Judith Zuckerman April 17, 2012 at 06:02 PM
I finished in time to receive a medal but since I ended up walking most of the way they apparently had stopped tracking times. It took me around seven hours. Congratulations to all of you who actually RAN the full distance in spite of the heat and to everyone who participated. I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did. --Judy Zuckerman


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