Have a Blog? Patch Can Help Spread the Word

Did you know that blogging on Patch can help draw attention to the blog you already write elsewhere?

Waltham Patch is always on the lookout for new bloggers. But sometimes, that just means the blogger is new to Patch, not necessarily new to blogging.

One of the hardest things about blogging is reaching an audience. It isn't easy to raise the visibility of your blog above that of the myriad of other blogs out there. But if you don't manage to do that, the time and energy you put into your blog might go unnoticed by the very readers you're trying to reach.

That's where Waltham Patch can help.

Patch wants to provide an additional platform for the blog you're already spending time to write.

Here's how it works:

- We'll set you up with a blog on Waltham Patch. It takes a few minutes on the front end to set up, but then it's up to you to blog as often as you like.

- When you write a new post for your own blog (on Wordpress or any other platform), copy and paste your text into a new blog post on Waltham Patch. Feel free to localize your post or make any other changes you'd like to make. Or don't change anything at all.

- We will publish your post on Waltham Patch and push the content out to our readers via tools like our daily e-newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.

It really is that simple. You can reach a wider audience, the entire Waltham Patch audience, with your blog and you don't need write a separate post from what you're already doing.

Email ryan.grannan-doll@patch.com to get started. We can start growing your blog audience right away. Or, apply to be a blogger here.


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