Five Things You Need to Know: Sept. 10

See what is happening today in Waltham.

Jane Oreilly September 10, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Ryan, I had written once in regards to the murder of my sister in 1971, Nancy Ann Cripps. I was wondering if there is a cold case dept in Waltham that will look into a case this old. Sorry, but the murderer, I deeply feel, is still alive and I feel his brother , who IS still alive knows more than anyone else knows about his brother that 'supposedly' jumped off of the Bourne Bridge '16' hours after the murder of my sister, his X fiance'. If you have access to the WPD and mention her name to someone that was on the force at that time, they will say, they doubt he jumped. 23 years and I am still doing MY investigation. Very interesting information and I won't stop until I'm dead, to prove, his brother knows where 'he' (the murderer) is!! I was 16 when she was murdered. I promised her at her coffin, I would do all I could to find this (S.O.B.).. and I HAVE found out so much more. Can you help me? jaolpn54@comcast.net... PS...just ask the WPD......
Jane Oreilly September 10, 2012 at 02:51 PM
I meant to write I've been doing this for 'almost '43 years'. I will be 58 yrs old in a few days and I will go to my grave knowing I did all for my dear sister Nancy to prove that he did not jump off of that bridge. ALSO, I'll prove there were 2 murderers AND someone that helped 'him' get away with murder.......HE not only killed her, but within years, my parents and brother, died of broken hearts, leaving me, the only survivor to prove MY theory is correct. In my heart... he murdered my whole family.


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