After Harding Ave. Murders, Neighborhood 'Will Never Be The Same'

It will take the Waltham neighborhood some time to heal, officials said.

In the wake of a triple homicide at 12 Harding Ave. on Monday, Waltham officials said the news of such a crime occurring in the city was jarring, and had left some people feeling uneasy.

As details of the crime emerged this week, some comfort could be taken knowing the deaths had not been a random act.

“I’m very happy the District Attorney said it did not appear to be random,” said on Wednesday. “Naturally, it’s disturbing. But the DA is working with the police and they have it under control as far as I can see.”

The Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office — Brandon Mess, 25, of Harding Avenue; and Eric Weissman, 31, and Raphael Teken, 37.

District Attorney Gerry Leone has said two people were in the apartment prior to the bodies being discovered, but never commented on whether the police were looking for them.

McCarthy said that since the crime was discovered, she has been in touch daily with police and the ward councilor.

Ward 5 Councilor Gary Marchese said Thursday that feelings did change in the neighborhood once District Attorney Gerry Leone and Police Chief Thomas Lacroix

“That was key information for the neighborhood,” Marchese said. “Once that information was revealed, there was a little more feeling calm in the neighborhood.”

Marchese, however, said that people were still voicing their uneasiness — and shock — at what occurred Monday.

“When homicides happen in small, tightly-knit neighborhoods, people say, ‘not in my neighborhood.’” Marchese said. “What’s sure is the neighborhood will never be the same. It’ll take some time to heal.”

Marchese said he hopes the incident can serve as a lesson for Waltham’s youth — that drugs can not only lead to problems with addiction, but also violence. Marchese and

Reached on Tuesday, School Committee member Lisa Limonciello said from a school perspective, life was moving forward as normal as the victims were adults and did not impact the schools. The news was a shock, though, she said. 

“It’s not typical Waltham behavior,” she said.

And while neighbors’ lives will continue, Marchese said driving past the street on Thursday, he recalled positive memories of spending time with friends there growing up.

“I used to play in that neighborhood as a kid,” Marchese said. “That house was always a beautiful, single-family home full of love and friendship. It’s just tragic.”

Leenie Doran September 19, 2011 at 12:06 AM
I find this article very disturbing. At least I find the words of Marchese to be cold hearted and deeply inconsiderate towards those who lost their lives. At one point those three men may have been those of beautiful, family homes, full of love and friendship.... and the tables may have turned for them some unknown tragic ways, or perhaps those 3 men who lost their lives DID NOT come from beautiful, single family homes full of love and friendship... and for that reason made their way through this life in what ways they knew, with the lack of resources provided. Where is the compassion for that kind of tragedy? We all come from different pasts, different histories, and different struggles. I find the words of Marchese disturbing and ignorant, cold hearted and deeply inconsiderate towards those who lost their lives. I understand the value of safe communities, but have you no compassion for the deaths!? Should we only consider this a tragic event because the sweet little town of Waltham is having to heal from a neighborhood shock of a homocide? What about those who were killed, and what about those families who have lost thier sons? Blessing to the three men who lost their lives and blessing to those people who are personally affected by their death. That is the real tragedy. I'm sorry but its NOT the spoiling of the sweet little Waltham image.
Lilly September 20, 2011 at 06:19 AM
Agreed. Reguardless of the circumstances, the lives that were took are indeed tragic. A shame the media and officials focus on wheather this was drug related and how bad it looks for this city. This is not an average drug deal gone wrong, this is an unusual crime with traits of a pychopath killer. Drugs are a mere portion in this crime.. Sounds to me what marchese is saying is " hey kids, if u smoke pot u might be slaughted with an ice pick to death " . No, I dont think this the correct message here.
Lilly September 20, 2011 at 06:30 AM
And btw have u any idea how many murders happend in waltham last year alone? Its ok tho when a man shoots and kills his wife bc its not drug related right? I can count five murders not to mention stabbings in waltham just recently. This is waltham behavior. All that stuff is bull. This is just more brutal. funny how this scares ppl all of a sudden
andie June 24, 2012 at 07:13 AM
Lily is jaded. Brandon Mess was a friend of mine in Burlington for a couple of years. He was the straightest shooter I had ever met. He cleaned dishes & was way too smart to hold such a posistion. Honestly I don't know what happened but he didn't deserve such a fate & it sickens me he is disregarded as common street trash. He never had any involvement in drugs & treated his body as his temple. He was a fighter & was constantly in training. I regret writing so emotionally but in death his life deserves to be defended!


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