Treat Cupcake Bar Launches Line of Cakes

From small delicate cakes used to photograph children smashing on their faces,  to elaborate tiered wedding dessert centerpieces, "Cupcake Wars" veteran and head baker at Treat, Adie Sprague, has launched a line of cakes. Cakes are available in any of Treat’s signature flavors, including their gluten-free and vegan options, and can be customized to fit each customer’s specific needs..

“I was always hesitant to add cakes to our menu because our store is supposed to be "all about the cupcake,"  but Adie convinced me that some people simply want cakes. Since the cakes are made from exactly the same ingredients as the cupcakes I was convinced to add them to our menu.” Dave - Owner

Since its inception almost 4 years ago Treat has listened to their customer feedback. Taking their thoughts to heart they expanded to offer cakes, intermixing cakes and cupcakes in exquisite wedding displays. Offering their favorite cupcake flavors in cake form such as their blueberry pancake which is blueberry vanilla cake, maple frosting and candied walnuts.  From animals to disney characters the talented Sprague uses her sculpting skills to make 2D and 3D  works of arts.

“Cupcakes are fun and desirable for many reasons, but there is something very special about a cake. For certain celebrations it is just more appropriate way to go. We are very proud of our cupcake designs but decided to branch into cakes for this reason- a cake it a work of art and sometimes the focal point of a party. For us, it was just buying a different size pan!” Adie

Have an allergy? Don't worry, Treat has not forgotten about you! Gluten, dairy, egg and soy-free cakes are available with as little as seven days notice.

Questions? Comments? Interested in scheduling a tasting? Please email info@treatcupcakebar.com or call 781.444.4995.


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