Waltham Restaurant Ordered to Hearing Over Mice Droppings Violations

Sabatino's Italian Kitchen is located at 895 Main St. in Waltham.

A Waltham restaurant has been ordered to a Board of Health hearing after inspectors found mice feces during several visits.

Sabatino’s Italian Kitchen at 895 Main St., has been ordered to a Dec. 17 Board of Health meeting to address repeated violations of health regulations, according to city records.

During a Nov. 18 inspection, officials found mice droppings on the basement floor and shelves along with aprons on that floor, according to city records. Inspectors also found a dirty refrigerator, dirty walls in a dishwashing area and dirty cooler doors. 

Inspectors returned on Nov. 22 and found mice droppings again, this time on shelves, according to health department records. They also ordered the basement be cleared of droppings along with a grease trap area. Droppings were also found on stairs. 

Inspectors again visited on Nov. 25 and found additional droppings on basement shelves and the floor, according to health department records. Inspectors ordered the floors be cleaned and for flour to be stored in a container with a lid. They also ordered dirty aprons to be stored in a container with a lid. Lastly, inspectors ordered the restaurant to throw out unused pans and dishes.

A Dec. 3 reinspection discovered the issues had been resolved.

As a result of the pattern, the board called the restaurant to the Dec. 17 hearing, Chief Public Health Inspector Michelle Feeley told Waltham Patch. However, the hearing has been cancelled due to the impending snow storm. A new date will be set soon. 

The board has several options, Feeley said. The board can order the restaurant closed for a full cleaning, they can ordered a new cleaning plan be made or they can order a consultant be hired to help the restaurant address the issue. 


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