Waltham Fertility Pharmacy Issues Recall

The voluntary recall impacts several fertility drugs.

A Waltham fertility pharmacy has issued a voluntary recall on some of its products, according to FOX 25.

Village Fertility Pharmacy has issued the recall for: Progesterone Injection Cottonseed Oil 50 MG/ML, Progesterone Injection Olive Oil 50 MG/ML, 100 MG/ML, Progesterone Injection Sesame Oil 50 MG/ML, 100 MG/ML, Progesterone Injection Ethyl Oleate 50 MG/ML, 100 MG/ML and Hydroxy Progesterone Caproate 250 MG/ML. It also affects Compounded Leuprolide Acetate 1MG/.2ML. The drugs are used for women receiving vitro fertilization treatments.

The medications were sent to 39 states and 2,100 patients, most of whom live in Massachusetts, according to FOX 25. Patients have not reported any adverse impacts of the medication.

The recall was issued after the pharmacy found something floating in a vile at the pharmacy, according to FOX 25. Soon after, the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy ordered the pharmacy to stop all sterile compounding, according to FOX 25.  Investigators are trying to determine what the object found in the vile was.

The Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy and U.S. Food and Drug Administartion are both investigating the matter. 


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