Waltham Compounding Center Responds to Shutdown

Infusion Resource was recently shut down by state inspectors.

The Waltham compounding cener that was shut down last week intends to reopen in the future, according to a company statement. 

State inspectors shut Infusion Resource down on Oct. 23 after finding cleanliness issues and later surrended its license to the state.

Now, the company says that it plans to reapply for its license once it installs a new floor in its facility and makes other repairs, it's CEO, Bernard Lambrese, said in a statement.

"It is our expectation that we will successfully resolve these issues as quickly as possible and present back to the Board in the near future for re-licensing," Lambrese said.

Lambrese said the shutdown was related to construction and maitnence of its clean room where some of its products are stored. Specifically, a leak was discovered in a refrigerator and a crack was found in a window. 

No contaimination was found at the site, Lambrese said, and none of its products were contaminated. 

"No issues were cited relating to the integrity of our products nor to the quality of our compounding practices. I want to reassure our patients and the general public of the safety, purity and efficacy of our solutions produced at our Waltham pharmacy since we were first licensed in 2009.  Patient safety is something we take very seriously," Lambrese said.


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