Patch Picks: Going Green

There are several things residents can do locally to reduce their carbon footprint. Check out some we found.

  • The Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety (WCES), founded in 1979, advocates for sound environmental practices. The group holds events and task force meetings, allowing for residents to get involved in change.
  • Watertown Gardens allows residents to organize and promote community gardens. Growing and eating locally is healthier and better for the environment.
  • Green Rows of Waltham (GROW) gives residents the chance to garden on designated plots at the University Of Massachusetts Field Station on Beaver Street. 
  • Hazardous product collections allow residents to properly dispose of hazardous products at designated times. On Saturday, Sept. 18, residents of Waltham and Watertown are encouraged to bring any such materials to the Minuteman Hazardous Products Facility in Lexington. For more information, visit the Town of Lexington Web site.
  • The Waltham Farmers’ Market at Main and Moody streets provides opportunities to buy locally-mande foods and crafts. As an added bonus, the Moody Street String Band will perform at the market on Sept. 17 while you browse.


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