New Fro-Yo Store in Waltham? Maybe!

Orange Leaf, a national frozen yogurt chain, is hoping to open a Waltham location.

Orange Leaf, a national frozen-yogurt chain, is hoping to open a new store in Waltham, according to the Waltham franchisee.

The company is looking to open its new store at the Main Street Market Place at 1030 Main St. or at the former Polaroid site at 1265 Main St., according to Joe Benson, the Waltham franchisee for Orange Leaf. 

“We are contemplating a move to Waltham,” Benson told Waltham Patch. "The people of the town would find it to be a nice alternative to ice cream." 

Benson said he had not yet signed a lease for a store location and hoped to decided between the two locations soon. Then, Benson, he would have to receive a fast food permit form the City Council. 

If located at 1030 Main St., Benson said he would hope to open within 90 days. , and have also proposed opening stores in at 1030 Main St.

If located at 1265 Main St., Benson is aiming for 15 months. 

Orange Leaf also has a Lexington location and planning another shop in Newton. 


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