More Waltham Restaurant Health Inspections

The Waltham Health Department recently inspected several restaurants.

Baan Thai
Baan Thai
Waltham city inspectors recently conducted a round of health inspections at restaurants. 

The reports are public record and if inspectors find issues, they follow up with future re-inspections to assure the issue is resolved. If the Board of Health finds repeated problems, it can call them for a hearing with the board.

Baan Thai, 659 Main St.: Inspectors ordered the floor under the grill to be cleaned regularly and that the ice machine be cleaned regularly. The inspection was done on Oct. 8.

Waltham Fresh Fish & Prime, 36 Spruce St: During an Oct. 7 inspection, inspectors ordered the top of a freezer to be cleaned as well as the surface of a fryolator. 

Beat Da Wrap, 411 Waverly Oaks Rd.: During An Oct. 24 inspection, inspectors ordered condiment trays to be cleaned and to not put anything on top of food on the condiment bar.

Michael J’s, 179 Prospect St.: No issues found during an Oct. 24 inspection.

Guanachapi’s Bar, 154 River St: During an Oct. 24 inspection, inspectors found nobody was in charge and ordered food be covered. They also ordered food be stored at proper temperatures. 

Joseph’s Two: 805 Main St.: During an Oct. 10 inspection, inspectors ordered meat to be stored in containers and that air conditioner vents be cleaned. They also ordered workers to clean an ice maker.

Central Square Café, 677 Main St.: During an Oct. 18 inspection, inspectors ordered a pastry case to be cleaned and told employees they must wash their hands.

Pap Gino’s, 1018 Lexington St.: No issues found during an Oct. 16 inspection.

Three Fortunes, 17 Willard St.: During an Oct. 16 inspection ordered food to be stored in sanitary conditions and that the door of a freezer be repaired. They also ordered animal droppings be cleaned out of the basement and a refrigerator be cleaned. An Oct. 23 re-inspection found no issues.

Taqueria El Amigo, 196 Willow St.: During an Oct. 16 inspection, inspectors ordered food be covered.

UNO Chicago Grill: No issues found during an Oct. 15 inspection.  


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