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How Far Would You Drive for the Cheapest Gas?

Gas prices have spiked in Metro Boston in the past month. That got us wondering: Where is the cheapest gas around Watertown, and how far out of your way would you drive to buy it?

If you've filled up recently on the Metro Boston area, you probably noticed gas prices are spiking.

AAA Southern New England said its survey of prices in Massachusetts on Tuesday found self-serve, regular unleaded averaging $3.77 per gallon in the Boston metro area. That's a nickel higher than a week ago and up 30 cents over the past month.

That got us thinking: Where on the North Shore is the cheapest gas? Depending on where you live, how far would you drive to buy it?

Using Mapquest data from Patch's Gas Price tool, we found the lowest price in and around Watertown to be Wal-Lex Gulf in Waltham, which charged $3.66 on Thursday. Highest was the Newton Corner Sunoco on Galen Street, where you'd shell out $3.86 a gallon.

Of course if you belong to clubs like Costco or BJs, you can sometimes get lower-than-average prices.

What's your fuel-buying strategy now that it's costing more to fill up? Do you drive one town over for cheaper gas? Farther? Share your tips with your neighbors.

Aron Levy February 24, 2013 at 07:44 PM
General Motors has given back every single dollar they were lent, WITH INTEREST. The government turned a tidy profit on that loan. And how do you know Hugo Chavez hates any of us? If he hated us so much, why does he give so much free heating oil to poor American citizens. You just hate him because he's a socialist.
M C Stringfellow February 24, 2013 at 08:09 PM
Hello Aron. Glad to see you made it through the storms. Yes GM did pay back its loan w/interest. What happened to the profit? You are probably right, Chavez does not hate us per say as people. As a government, that is something else. He realizes that socialism does not work . Why don't you ask one of the Kennedy's, I think it is Joe, exactly how much we pay for that no cost oil for the poor? Nothing is free, Aron, everything cost something whether it is cash or barter, somebody pays somethng.
Aron Levy February 24, 2013 at 08:13 PM
Socialism doesn't work? I think northern Europe might take exception to that statement..
M C Stringfellow February 24, 2013 at 10:15 PM
Northern Europe, I take you to mean the Scandinavian Countries. Look at the population of all of Scandinavia. You could not possibly think for one moment that 300 million plus people could survive with a Socialistic government. Russia didn't and China would have collapsed without its Capitalistic economy. Communism is a sibling to Socialism. Neither hold up in the long run. Scandinavia is made up of several small countries. None of which depend on the other for financial support, so the population of each is smaller than the whole. Each economy is seperate. You never did address the "free Oil" question.
wiley coyote February 25, 2013 at 12:10 AM
Hello Mr. Levy, Look at it from Chavez's view, Help out those you dislike, and they will follow you anywhere. Why not build good PR in the process? as for GM, yes they paid it back, and to show how grateful they are for the Americna people helping them out, they come out with an electric vehicle with a price tag of just over 30, 000 dollars. Ahh the price of saying thanks. And answer the question MC asked. what IS the price of that oil?


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