Bites Nearby: Indian Food Court

Inside the large Indian Market supermarket on Moody Street are two authentic Indian "street food" eateries.

This mini food court, located below the giant Indian Market at 315 Moody St. in Waltham, opened just about a year ago. It's made up of two different stations serving hot Indian and Middle Eastern dishes: samosas, pakora, kebobs, naan, tandoori, rice and chicken dishes and more. With keen competition from other nearby Indian restaurants with buffets, this latest venue can seem a bit sleepy in its spacious area. The food is good and authentic and the prices reasonable. It's worth a visit. (Note: One of the two stations may be changing in the near future to more American-style fare, so if you crave spicy vegetarian or chicken curry dishes over fragrant basmati rice, check it out soon.)  

What to eat: A regular Sri Lankan customer recommends getting one or two items from each of the two stations: for instance, dosas (there are seven different kinds) and lentil soup at one, and a chicken-and-rice or vegetarian dish at the other.

The vibe: Clean and quiet.

Cool factor no. 1: Since the food is laid out in warmers behind the counters, you can see exactly what you're ordering.

Cool factor no. 2: If you're not ready to eat in the moment, you can get the food in containers and a plastic grocery bag for takeout.

Cool factor no. 3: Just above the food court is the large Indian Market supermarket, which has a wide assortment of Indian and Middle Eastern pastries and other desserts.


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