Say Hi To Your Waltham Neighbor!

Local organizations starts campaign to fight domestic violence.

You might have passed them as you leave your house in the morning or seen them when you retrieve your mail, but never actually spoken with them.

Your neighbors, that is. Well, here is your chance to change that and help a good cause.

, a Waltham organization that helps victims of domestic violence, is launching its “Small Actions Campaign,” intended to get community residents more involved with efforts to prevent domestic violence, according to REACH Community Organizer Allison Berry.

The kickoff will be held at 5:30 p.m. today at on Moody Street. Bob Marcou, Roberta Factor and Belgica Garzon will be honored for their anti-domestic violence efforts, according to Berry. 

“We’re kind of excited to see how this is going to work,” Berry told Waltham Patch in an interview. “I’m most excited to have something people can participate in and [feel comfortable doing],” Berry said.

Part of that campaign is the “Say Hi To Your Neighbor Week,” which Mayor Jeanette McCarthy has officially declared for Feb. 5 – 12. The mission – to have Waltham residents say hello to their neighbors or people they encounter in their travels in the community, according to Berry. REACH is hoping the hellos will help break feelings of isolation that domestic violence victims often experience and create a safer community. Overall, the group hopes to generate 2,012 hellos, Berry said.

Residents have several ways they can introduce themselves to neighbors. On Monday, Feb. 6, customers of In A Pickle restaurant on Main Street can order a muffin delivered to their neighbor, as a way to say hello, Berry said. Details of other activities will soon be posted on the REACH Web site. 

REACH is also planning several other parts of the Small Actions Campaign, details of which will be finalized in the future, according to Berry.

To follow the campaign on Twitter, follow @SmallActions and use hashtag #SayHiWaltham

Tracy Willcox Jasmins February 01, 2012 at 03:05 PM
"Hi" Waltham!! Congratulations on this fantastic campaign!! We have run a similar Say Hi Campaign (www.sayhi.ca) in Canada for about 5 years now! Saying Hi is such an easy way to break down barriers, and connect with others to create a more vibrant, healthy and safe community! All the best to you!


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