Need Waltham Info During Bad Weather? This Helps!

Follow these Waltham officials for timely information on the city's happenings.

In times of crisis, we all want information. 

In past several months, more Waltham officials have joined Twitter and began tweeting information key to your life -- school closings, road closings, when paving work starts, etc. Check out the list below of key people you should follow on Twitter. 

Waltham 911 Center -- @Waltham911Disp

Waltham Police -- @WalthamMAPolice

Waltham Police Sgt. Dennis Deveney -- @SgtDevD

Waltham Police Sgt. William Gallant -- @SgtBillG

Waltham High School Resource Officer Kristin Tracey - @WHS_SRO

City Councilr Robert Logan -- @CouncilW9

City Councilor Kenneth Doucette -- @KenDoucette

City Councilor Joe Vizard -- @JoeVizard


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