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Have you ever heard sirens in your neighborhood, seen emergency vehicles racing down the street or in front of a school or business, had a sudden power outage or been caught in a sudden storm and wonder "what is going on?" 

Don't be left in the dark. Waltham Patch works hard todeliver  the latest breaking news to the community.

When news is breaking we often 'tag' it as breaking news and when we do you can get it sent right to you in your email inbox. Breaking news can include crime, police chases, accidents, fires, storm warnings, election results and big city decisions. Anything we think our readers would like to know right away.

How can you sign up? 

It's simple to sign up for our breaking news alerts and it takes less than a minute. To do so, click here, enter your email address into the field at the top and make sure the "Breaking News" button is tagged. Hit "Subscribe" and your done!

While there you can also sign up for our Morning Newsletter, which feature's that day's lead news stories, a list of events happening in Burlington and the area that day and announcements posted by fellow readers.

To get even more news updates and information on happenings in Burlington, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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