Boston Marathon 2011 Profile: Kirk Andriano

A local man will run the 26.2-mile course for the first time since 1982.

Name: Kirk Andriano

Age: 54

Lives in: Andriano is a Waltham resident who moved back to the area three years ago after working in New York.

Works For: He is the chief technology officer for a local biotechnology company.

Why is Andriano running the Boston Marathon?: Andriano ran the Boston Marathon for the first time in 1982. Now that he has moved back to the area from New York, he figured he would try to repeat the feat he first complete in his mid-20s.

How is he preparing for the marathon?: Andriano wakes up every morning at 5 a.m. to put in some quality hours of running time before heading off to work.

Monday through Thursday, Andriano alternates running eight and 12 miles. He also exercises on Fridays and Sundays with an hour of cross-training, usually on an elliptical machine.  Then, on Saturdays, Adriano runs about 20 miles. Overall, he logs about 60 miles per week.

Goal running time: At the October Bay State Marathon in Lowell, a qualifying race for Boston, Andriano said he ran the 26.2-mile course in about three hours and 26 minutes, which averages out to less than eight minutes per mile.

In Boston, Adriano hopes he can maintain a similar time, finishing the race in about three and a half hours. Still, Andriano said he knows that anything from the weather to an injury may affect him.

“If everything comes together you can do well, but these are really long races and you never know what’s going to happen after you start,” he said.

What is going to keep Andriano going during the 26.2-mile race?: Like many marathon-runners before him, Andriano plans to feed off of the energy from the thousands of people that gather to watch the race annually.

“When you’re running a race like Boston with the crowds and the large groups of people running, you get caught up in the enthusiasm so that’s a big boost,” he said.

How will Andriano celebrate finishing the marathon?: After crossing the finish line, Andriano is looking forward to having a barbecue with some friends.

Will Andriano runs future marathons?: Adriano said that whether he runs next year's Boston Marathon will largely depend on this year’s running time. Still, he plans to keep running the 26.2-mile races, either in Boston or elsewhere. 


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